Tyler Steele was a disgraced journalist who became the PR representative of the Mayor of Cardiff, serving two mayors in a row.

Biography Edit

Before coming to Cardiff, Tyler went to prison for hacking pop stars including Katie Price and posting their photos online. In Cardiff, searching for the next big scoop, he was investigating the incident with refugee doors "accidentally" painted red. His investigation attracted the attention of both the Sorvix, who were behind the machinations and Torchwood Three, where Ng, posing as Gwen Cooper, tried to recruit him for his hacking skills.

Having survived an assassination attempt and a terrorist attack by 3Sol, thanks to the assistance of Ng and sacrifice of Jack Harkness, Tyler was still sceptical regarding Torchwood and decided to continue his investigation on his own. In an attempt to recruit him, Jack began an affair with him.

Tyler managed to find his anonymous source within the Cardiff Council, "Deep Throat", who almost got him killed twice. While confronting this Ms Vorsun, an alien working for 3Sol, Tyler met Jack whose death he had seen just recently. When Ms Vorsun threatened to shoot her human staff in an attempt to get to Jack and Tyler, the latter panicked and told her to shoot away. This decision disqualified him from working for Torchwood in Jack's eyes just as Tyler himself started believing that aliens took over Cardiff.

Having no luck with Torchwood, Tyler managed to persuade the Mayor of Cardiff to hire him as his PR person. (AUDIO: Changes Everything)

The Mayor knew about Tyler's connections to Torchwood and from time to time asked him to involve them to sort out Sorvix affairs, diplomatically termed "visitors' protocols" by the city hall. For instance, Tyler brought to Torchwood's attention the hen night of Ro-Jedda's daughter, Madrigal (AUDIO: Aliens & Sex & Chips & Gravy) and the assassination attempt against Vincent Parry, a real estate developer who rented to the Sorvix (AUDIO: Orr).

Following Ro-Jedda's imprisonment in the Hub, Tyler worked at a PPI call centre. He attended Colchester's funeral where he fought God with Colin Colchester-Price. (AUDIO: Future Pain) He used Brent Hayden to cover up the presence of the Sorvix in Cardiff before uploading incriminating images onto his laptop. (The Man Who Destroyed Torchwood)

Tyler ended up becoming homeless and eventually resorted to prostitution. He manipulated Colchester and Ng into helping him take down an app that forced homeless people into choosing between clinical drug trials and death. After this, he was allowed to live in the Hub. (AUDIO: Hostile Environment) He later switched bodies with Norton Folgate for a time as part of God's test for Ng. (AUDIO: Another Man's Shoes) Confronted with a tsunami approaching South Wales, Tyler managed to convince Yvonne - who had helped the Committee cause the crisis - to do something about it. (AUDIO: Eye of the Storm)

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