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Tyler Steele was an associate of Torchwood.

A disgraced journalist, Tyler went to Cardiff to cover the rise in hate crimes in the city and learnt of Torchwood, although Jack refused to let him join after allowing people to die. He did PR for Ro-Jedda for a time and was left broke and homeless after her death, eventually being invited by Yvonne to live in the Hub and became an effective member of the team.


Early life[]

Tyler lived in London. (AUDIO: Changes Everything) When Bethan Foster brought up the topic of his mother, he quickly changed the subject. (AUDIO: A Mother's Son) As a child, he liked to eat sugar cubes, especially brown ones.

He worked as a journalist and did hot yoga and CrossFit to keep in shape. (AUDIO: Changes Everything) He was promiscuous, often using an app for hookups with other men, (AUDIO: Changes Everything, etc.) and used drugs recreationally. (AUDIO: Night Watch)

Tyler entered into an open relationship with Damian. The two had rules about what they could and could not do, but Tyler, scared by how much he loved Damian, broke them to sabotage the relationship. They broke up as a result. (AUDIO: Orr)

After hacking various celebrities, including Katie Price, and posting their photos online, Tyler was sent to prison, causing him to be disgraced as a journalist. (AUDIO: Changes Everything)

The Sorvix occupation[]

Investigating Red Doors[]

Tyler with Ng (disguised as Gwen). (AUDIO: Aliens Among Us 1)

Looking to reboot his career, Tyler decided to focus on serious journalism and went to Cardiff to write a piece on the Red Doors Programme for an online magazine. His investigations brought himself to the attention of both Torchwood, who considered him a potential asset, and 3Sol, who found him to be a problem.

Tyler went to the Refugee Crisis Centre to meet with "Deep Throat", who claimed to have proof that the red doors was not done deliberately. He was saved from the bombing of the centre by Ng, who took him to the Hub where he met St John Colchester and learnt of aliens and the Rift. He went to the candlelight vigil with Jack Harkness, whom he hooked up with, and confronted Vorsun at 3Sol after tracking her IP address. After telling her to "fire away" when she took hostages, Jack told him that he did not have a place in Torchwood.

On a rooftop, Tyler and Jack discussed Cardiff and Jack told him that aliens had taken over the city, encouraging him to continue his investigations. To that end, he met with the Mayor (AUDIO: Changes Everything) and got a job doing PR. (AUDIO: Aliens & Sex & Chips & Gravy)

Working in the Mayor's office[]

On the Mayor's orders, Tyler met with Ng at the bar where Madrigal was having her hen night and asked her to keep it from getting out of hand. He then met up with Jack, whom he was having sex with when Mr Colchester called and asked him to send a police helicopter. (AUDIO: Aliens & Sex & Chips & Gravy)

Tyler helped deflect attention away from the Mayor's decision to close branch libraries with coverage of a new initiative in The Echo. Per the Mayor's instructions, he asked Jack to have Torchwood protect Vincent Parry and went with him to the Parry Estate where Vincent died, telling Tyler to "protect Orr". He was disturbed by Orr when they took Damian's form and he later went to Hatch's shop to ask for something that would keep them out of his mind. (AUDIO: Orr)

Per the Mayor's orders, Tyler went to the Hub and asked Torchwood to solve the murders at the Cardiff Bay Intelligent Hotel and Spa. Afterwards, the Mayor asked him to announce a press conference but, presumably due to Ro-Jedda, he did not and the Mayor was eaten. Ro-Jedda kept him on due to his connection to Torchwood and had him announce the Mayor's death and that she would serve in the interim. (AUDIO: Superiority Complex)

Tyler tried to make himself indispensable to Ro-Jedda. He went to the mortuary and told Jack that he had been murdered before having sex with him, unknowingly becoming infected with a parasite. In his flat, Ro-Jedda told him to make sure that Torchwood took down Red Doors and, after getting curative worms from Ro-Jedda for himself, Jack and Ng, cut ties with them and ended his sexual relationship with Jack. (AUDIO: Love Rat) Despite this, he later caught Mr Colchester on his way to the Hub and told him about how the residents of Ritz Tower were being killed, knowing that Colin lived there. Mr Colchester had him look into Bilis Manger. (AUDIO: A Kill to a View)

Tyler. (AUDIO: Zero Hour)

After taking a fancy to Hasan and being intrigued by his rejection, Tyler investigated Deliverables and signed up for it, having Ng do further research. The work made him increasingly mindless until he realised that he was packaging the ashes of his colleagues, including Hasan, confronting Ro-Jedda about it after Ng managed to shut it down. She had him write a cover-up blaming the foreign labourers and somehow spin the rise of unemployment in a positive way. (AUDIO: Zero Hour)

Sent by Ro-Jedda to South Wales Police, Tyler manipulated Nicki Owen into leaking the footage of Andy Davidson killing a refugee and was present when Ng and Owen confronted Ro-Jedda in her office. (AUDIO: The Empty Hand) He met with Ng and told her about the murder of Michael Hughes. (AUDIO: Tagged) The following day, he tried to call Jack to tell him about Ro-Jedda's association with Yvonne Hartman, leading Ro-Jedda to send an assassin after him. He fled to the Hub, getting Mr Colchester shot, and went with him and Orr to the hospital. (AUDIO: Herald of the Dawn) On the way, Mr Colchester died. (AUDIO: Future Pain)

Tyler was the one to call Colin and tell him that his husband was dead, an experience that he found upsetting. (AUDIO: Future Pain)

Whilst homeless[]

Following Ro-Jedda's imprisonment in the Hub and the destruction of City Hall, Tyler was left unemployed and technically homeless, having lost his flat. He got a job at a PPI call centre which he did not enjoy. He attended Mr Colchester's funeral and told a fellow mourner that he would give anything to bring him back. The plasmic psychovore attempted to feed on his future pain but he and Colin were able to block it from feeding on them. Due to his financial situation, he took a large number of pork pies from the buffet. (AUDIO: Future Pain)

To cover up the presence and departure of the Sorvix, Tyler met with Brent Hayden in a a café and fed him information on the extraterrestrial for Tomorrow's Truth, including telling him that the Sorvix were chaos actors. After Brent spoke about Mr Colchester in one of his videos, Tyler, using a remote access bot, uploaded child pornography onto his computer and informed the police. (The Man Who Destroyed Torchwood)

Tyler with Orr. (AUDIO: Night Watch)

Tyler was taking part in a drug-fuelled orgy when a predator shrouded the city in darkness. After the darkness faded away, Tyler was, unbeknownst to himself, left in a waking nightmare thanks to the Night Sun and the light in which he spoke to Chip and a separate version of himself. He was disgusted by watching himself take part in an orgy and upset at being criticised. After Orr absorbed the light, the real Chip offered him cocaine and sex, but he declined, saying that he had better places to be. (AUDIO: Night Watch)

Resorting to begging on the streets with Kirsty, Tyler became aware of Oblation after being tagged and injected with experimental drugs by the Street Guardians. He met God, who told him that he had saved a life by putting in a good word at the right moment. He attempted to tell Andy, Ng and Mr Colchester - whom he was surprised to find alive and suspected was the life he saved - but to no avail, resulting in him tagging the latter two with a phone that he paid for by prostituting himself to get their attention. He tracked down Ben, who was killed by a Guardian after Tyler tagged him.

Convinced by Jack, Yvonne allowed Tyler to live in a repurposed cell in the Hub and he promised that he would use his skills to assist Torchwood. Kirsty stood on Roald Dahl Plass shouting for him, but he told Yvonne that he did not want to see her. (AUDIO: Hostile Environment)

The Reset[]

Tyler found himself in Norton's body and followed him after he left the Hub. The two had sex in a changing room and later found himself upset by Norton's sexual antics in his body, as it reminded him of how he once was. He confessed this to Norton and comforted him after Jay rejected his proposal. When the body swap was undone, Tyler and Norton agreed to be friends. (AUDIO: Another Man's Shoes)

With the threat of the Sorvix power plant, Tyler remained in the Hub with Yvonne and protested when she ignored Ng's warning that Norton worked for the Committee. He managed to convince her to inform the authorities and initiate an evacuation when the tsunami approached Cardiff and was in the Hub with her when it hit. (AUDIO: Eye of the Storm) He barely got out alive.

Two months after the tsunami, Tyler was helping out at a camp at Ritz Tower with Colin. He met and helped Bethan Foster, who told him about Orr. He called Jack to tell him that they had resurfaced. (AUDIO: A Mother's Son) Orr was surprised at how much Tyler had changed and told him that his soul was now "irresistible". They also confirmed that he had indeed saved a life. (AUDIO: ScrapeJane)

Tyler and Orr. (AUDIO: Day Zero)

Tyler and Colin were making plans for the camp when they realised that the city had lost water. He tried to get help from the DRC and Crisis React, later calling Colin to tell him that the DRC was ignoring him and Crisis React could not help due to a quarantine order. He finally told Mr Colchester that he had saved his life, saying that he was his "glorious saviour", when he bumped into the old man in the tower. (AUDIO: Day Zero)

Posing as a Deliverables man delivering a pizza, Tyler got access to Yvonne and deactivated her ankle bracelet, escaping with her to the Hub. Using the invisible lift to flee an angry mob, they found that the Committee had installed a new Rift Manipulator and were opening a dimension bridge between Earth and Erebus. As the world seemed to end, Tyler asked Jack to hold him and, once the situation was resolved, he joined Jack, Mr Colchester, Ng and Orr in going on the run. (AUDIO: Thoughts and Prayers)

Later life[]

The plasmic psychovore told Tyler that he would find love once again but that it would end in betrayal. It also told him that he would never show mercy. (AUDIO: Future Pain)


Tyler was a genius for finding information and was highly skilled with computers. However, he never put these to good use before going to Cardiff. (AUDIO: Changes Everything) Due to his good looks, he was not often rejected, resulting in him not being able to handle it when people did so. (AUDIO: Zero Hour)


Tyler kept in shape by doing hot yoga and CrossFit (AUDIO: Changes Everything) and usually wore a suit. (AUDIO: Hostile Environment) He was 6'3" and his arms, legs and penis were longer than Norton Folgate's. (AUDIO: Another Man's Shoes)

Jack Harkness described Tyler as being very attractive (AUDIO: Orr) and one of the "hottest humans" he had ever been with. (AUDIO: Love Rat) Mr Colchester said that he was beautiful (AUDIO: Herald of the Dawn) and called him "Pretty Boy". (AUDIO: Aliens & Sex & Chips & Gravy)