Tyler's Folly was a planet that orbited one of the Cygnus Mortis constellation's most obscure stars, and was around eight or nine light years from Dellah.

Features Edit

Like Ordifica, Tyler's Folly was a water world, covered in 92% ocean. It was not unlike a Dyson sphere, but where a sphere has planets and suns within an artificially created sphere, Tyler's Folly was a world (complete with star) inside this construct. Everything within the sphere's micro-system was bio-engineered. Tyler's Folly and the People's Worldsphere had convergent features in its designs, and they mimicked each other. Inside Tyler's Folly was MEPHISTO, a god-like entity which mimicked God in some of its functions. (PROSE: Down)

History Edit

During their "youth", the People had seeded the universe with ideas. These ideas were powerful enough to restructure reality. One such idea was "Dystopia" and the reality that was restructured became Tyler's Folly.

Circa 2494, Franz Nils Kryptosa travelled to Tyler's Folly (though it wasn't called that then) seeking proof that Tyler's Folly had influenced "Inner World" stories. His presence on/in Tyler's Folly literally changed the makeup of the interior. It reformed based on Kryptosa's experiences as a renowned archaeologist and as a Master of Natural Sciences. He eventually merged with the Pool of Life. In 2533 Jodecai Tyler discovered Tyler's Folly and began a colony there. (PROSE: Down)

Isaac Deniken spent most of his "middle years" on Tyler's Folly. (PROSE: Beige Planet Mars)

In 2653, the not-so-thriving colony declared independence from Earth. The Republican Security Force of Tyler's Folly then staged a coup which created a military state. By 2594 Tyler's Folly was technologically and socially a low level post-nuclear society. It had the death penalty. (PROSE: Down)

Tyler's Folly was the first planet that the Gods took over. (PROSE: Dead Romance) Voran told the Lord President and the Magistrate that other higher powers were withdrawing their people from Tyler's Folly due to the disturbances there. (PROSE: The Infinity Doctors)

Qixotl listed Tyler's Folly as a nexus world. (PROSE: Alien Bodies)

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