Captain Tybo was a commander of the One Thousand and Fifth Judoon Guard. He piloted the ship carrying Androvax when it crash-landed on Earth, and later hunted him down again.

Androvax escaped and Tybo went after him. Androvax sneaked up on Tybo and knocked him unconscious. Tybo was found by Sarah Jane Smith, who tried to help track down Androvax. Believing that he would just cause trouble, Sarah Jane had Luke Smith and Rani Chandra keep him busy. When he found out the truth, Tybo regained the trail and pursued Androvax, commandeering a police car to get to Sarah Jane's house. Though he wanted to wait for reinforcements, Luke, Rani and Clyde Langer convinced him to help search the house. There they found Mr Smith ready to self-destruct.

After disabling Mr Smith's self-destruct sequence, they found Androvax had gone to Genetec Systems and followed him there. By the time they got there, the Judoon reinforcements had nearly arrived. To stop them from killing Sarah Jane and Androvax, they trapped Tybo in a electronically sealed room, from which he was unable call for help. He was freed by the other Judoon and was ready to execute Clyde and Rani when he met them again. Tybo recaptured Androvax after he had left Sarah Jane's body.

Because they had saved the Earth and helped the Judoon capture Androvax, Tybo decided not to execute Clyde and Rani. He revoked their inter-stellar travelling rights, grounding them on Earth. (TV: Prisoner of the Judoon)

Captain Tybo took the weak pilot to the prison ship, while the other Judoon arrested the Krulius (COMIC: Monster Hunt)

In 2009, the Krulius teleported himself, Sarah Jane Smith and a Ven Kyuk Nar pilot to the Doloth Star Base. Sarah Jane used her sonic lipstick to send a signal to Mr Smith, who told the Judoon about the location. Captain Tybo arrived a short time later at the Doloth Star Base. He took the Krulius to a prison ship and brought Sarah Jane back to 13 Bannerman Road. The pilot also went with Captain Tybo because Tybo needed him for evidence. (COMIC: Monster Hunt) The aliens that were captured by the Krulius were set free. A short time later the Krulius escaped from the prison ship by using a surgically implanted teleport matrix. He managed to take clone cell samples of his former captured aliens with him, which allowed him to grew copies of these aliens. Captain Tybo and the other Judoon did not realise this. (COMIC: Return of the Krulius)

Someday the Judoon were holding Clyde Langer in a jail for crimes against joke telling. They couldn't understand his humour, it wasn't translated well. Mr Smith and Rani Chandra convinced Captain Tybo to let Clyde go by giving food to the hungry Judoon. (WC: Teeth and Eating)

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"Reports of rhinos in police cars" was one of several alien incursions which occurred in the "Ealing Triangle", cited by Ruby White when she met Sarah Jane and her team. (TV: Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith)

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