Twycross was a small village in England, in which could be found Twycross Zoo.

When the Tenth Doctor attempted to take Rose Tyler to the Galápagos Islands, the TARDIS landed in Twycross instead. The Doctor suddenly noticed a large gathering of monkeys, and used a bunch of bananas to lead them into the TARDIS. Travelling just outside the monkey enclosure at the Twycross Zoo, the Doctor discovered that a group of five humans had been trapped inside. After freeing them and learning that they had been trapped by the "Zoo mascot" in "the lizard suit," he took Rose to the Reptile House. There, they discovered that the reptile zookeeper was in fact a Silurian named Wanda who had trapped the humans in the enclosure because she believed that they were monkeys. After teaching Wanda about many of the differences between monkeys and humans, the Doctor and Rose again departed for the Galápagos Islands. (COMIC: Untitled)