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Twitch was a live video streaming platform owned by Twitch Interactive and created in June 2011. The website was primarily known as a site where people could share video clips and live streams of themselves playing video games. However, the platform had a wide variety of users, from vloggers to chefs.


Doctor Who[]

Starting 29 May 2018, Twitch ran a marathon of Doctor Who from the classic era starting with the 1963 episode An Unearthly Child on the TwitchPresents channel. The marathon began at 7pm UK Time/11am Pacific Time and ran for a seven week period from Monday to Friday. While watching, people could speak to fans all over the world who were also watching.[1]

At one point, the marathon caused The Time Meddler and The Web Planet to be the #2 and #8 trending topic on UK Twitter respectively.[2] Interestingly, the latter's original airing of episode 1 had 13.5 million viewers, the highest rated 1960s Doctor Who episode.

Several episodes from the classic run were omitted due to licencing issues. In total, five stories were left out of the run, including Day of the Daleks, The Five Doctors, Resurrection of the Daleks, Revelation of the Daleks and Remembrance of the Daleks. Additionally, no animated reconstructions of missing stories were added as part of the marathon, though the tele-snap reconstruction of The Web of Fear episode three from its DVD release was included, along with the remaining five existing episodes.

With the exception of Attack of the Cybermen, all of the season 22 episodes in this marathon were broadcast in 25-minute edits, rather than being 45 minutes long as their original transmission.

The start of each Doctor's era was preceded by a twenty-minute "pre-show" interview segment hosted by Yogscast members Mark "Turps" Turpin and Matthew Toffolo. Each episode featured a panel of guests introducing each new Doctor with stories and anecdotes. Guests included Katy Manning, Paul Cornell, Tom Spilsbury, Bob Baker, Beth Axford and Billy Garratt-John.[3][4][5][6]

During the break at the end of each episode, a trailer for the era of the show that was currently streaming was shown. Many memes came from those trailers, most memorable was Ian saying "London, 1965!". The meme encouraged the official Doctor Who YouTube channel to change the name of the clip of Ian and Barbara leaving the Doctor to "London 1965".[7]

On the 5 January 2019, Twitch would begin a second marathon of the Classic era of the show.[8]


Starting on 15 July 2018, Twitch started streaming all four series of Torchwood, with each full series streaming every Sunday at 10am PDT/6pm BST for four weeks until 12 August. Like with Doctor Who, Torchwood was also streamed on the TwitchPresents channel.[9]

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