Twirlys were the first Delivery Bots used by Kerb!am for upsales and delivery - its only two purposes. They had the original code of Kerb!am. After it was replaced by more advanced TeamMates and Kerb!am Men, one Twirly was deactivated and left on display at the warehouse reception for 200 years.

The Thirteenth Doctor needed to find a copy of the original code in order to hack in and isolate the upgrades to figure out why staff members would go missing. As a result Graham O'Brien pointed her to the direction of Twirly in order to do so. After they powered it up, Judy Maddox showed Twirly her credentials as official Kerb!am staff so that it would "carry out a task" as Twirlys are programmed to serve Kerb!am exclusively. The Doctor then plugged the Twirly into the system, but the system ended up controlling Twirly to ask for help in Dispatch.

After they arrived in Dispatch, they learned that each Kerb!am Man was ready to deliver a package that would kill the customers upon them popping the bubble wrap. In order to stop the deliveries murdering the customers the Doctor linked Twirly into the new system and ordered to change the delivery addresses so that the robots would deliver to themselves. She then ordered that every Kerb!am Man open the order and pop the bubble wrap so that they would destroy themselves. (TV: Kerblam!)

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