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Twilight of the Gods was the twenty-third and final Virgin Bernice Summerfield New Adventures novel. It was written by Mark Clapham and Jon de Burgh Miller.

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"Oh, why not," Benny said. "After all, I've died before and it never did me any harm then."

The once peaceful planet of Dellah lies in ruins. The god-like beings who infest the place have lured the inhabitants into holy wars, suicide cults and genocidal pogroms. As they run out of victims, the deities plan to invade more planets — and other races are preparing pre-emptive strikes to stop them. Humankind's small sector of the galaxy is about to become the battleground of leviathans.

There is just one hope. Professor Bernice Summerfield is, surprisingly, alive and well. And she's coming home. Bernice and her friends are determined to dispose of the gods once and for all — at any cost.

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  • Benny mentions her trip to Heaven.

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  • Braxiatel provides the ship Benny and the others use to dimension hop the planet Dellah.

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  • Bernice has about five years wiped off her age by a temporal blast (aging her backwards along her temporal timeline).
  • Chris Cwej is hit by a Ferutu temporal blast and aged backward along his timeline to age thirteen.
  • Clarence is killed; the Ferutu age him backward along his timeline, back beyond when he was the !C-Mel, and backwards further into non-existence.

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