The Twelfth Doctor has featured in several audio stories.

Audio companions of the Twelfth Doctor Edit

Stories Edit

New Series Adventures Edit

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Title Author Narrator Featuring Published
The Gods of Winter James Goss Clare Higgins Clara 20 August 2015
The House of Winter George Mann David Schofield 15 October 2015
The Sins of Winter James Goss Robin Soans 3 December 2015
The Memory of Winter George Mann Jemma Redgrave 7 April 2016
The Lost Angel George Mann, Cavan Scott Kerry Shale Alex, Brandon, Weeping Angel 4 January 2017
The Lost Planet George Mann Nicola Bryant Alex, Brandon 2 March 2017
The Lost Magic Cavan Scott Dan Starkey 4 May 2017
The Lost Flame George Mann, Cavan Scott Clare Higgins Alex, Brandon, Ohila 6 July 2017
Death Among the Stars Steve Lyons Nicola Bryant 7 September 2017
Rhythm of Destruction Darren Jones Dan Starkey 2 November 2017

Short Trips Edit

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# Title Author Narrator Featuring Released
9.2 The Astrea Conspiracy Lizbeth Myles Neve McIntosh Aphra Behn 28 February 2019
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