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Tweaker was the eighth short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: Transmissions. It was written by Dan Abnett. It featured the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa.

An audio reading of this story was later released as the eleventh story in the Subscriber Short Trips range. It was the final story in the series to be a reading of a prose short story as all subsequent releases would be recordings of original-audio-stories.


Alan Collins is a "tweaker". One day as he is browsing through some albums, a man nearby discovers a very rare album. He offers it to Alan, and after introducing himself as the Doctor, requests an appointment with Alan, who owns an audio business in his home.

When the Doctor and his friend Nyssa arrive, they raise Alan's suspicions by the types of questions they ask. He's ready to throw them out, but then the Doctor admits his real purpose in searching out Alan: Alan is in possession of an album that has the potential to enslave everyone on Earth. The Doctor offers Alan another rare album in exchange.




  • On 9 January 2014, Big Finish Productions released an audio reading of this story, read by John Banks, to customers whose subscription included Afterlife.


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