Tupperware was a brand of containers which were used for food. (PROSE: She Won't Be Home) Peri Brown and the Fifth Doctor saw two old ladies with a Tupperwear box of cakes, on their way to a village fête. (PROSE: A Life in the Day)

David once managed to trap two of a family of mice in a large Tupperware container. He did this instead of setting a mousetrap or letting the cat loose on them, because David's fiancée Amy was an animal lover. He provided the mice in the box with small pots for food and water. The following morning, though, Fred the cat let himself into the kitchen, not for a midnight snack, but in fact to let another mouse into the container. (PROSE: The Final Star)

In the Obverse, the Eighth Doctor described the sky as being grey, the colour of a Tupperware lid. (PROSE: The Blue Angel)

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