Tung-Mei was a young woman living in 1972 Hong Kong. She tried to escape from an arranged marriage to Shui Long.

An orphan since a young age, Tung-Mei moved to Hong Kong in 1970 to find work and became a waitress on a giant floating castle restaurant that was popular with the rich and famous owned by Chen Luo. While there, Chen's son, Shui Long, took an interest in her and forced her to stay while giving her a mysterious pendant. When she felt psychic power coming from the pendant, she narrowly escaped and was chased through a market by Chen's armed guards, led by Renshu.

Eventually, she ran into Yasmin Khan and Graham O'Brien as Renshu kidnapped them while accidentally taking a pendant Yaz bought. They were brought back to the castle and locked away, but Yaz helped them escape. However, they ran directly into Chen again as he used the pendant to summon the Kalatra.

Later, the group reunited with the Thirteenth Doctor, Ryan Sinclair, and Bruce Lee so Chen and the Kalatra could launch an attack on the Earth. After witnessing the battle between Shui and Bruce for the fate of the Earth, in which Chen and Shui were both teleported away as the losers, Chen's mother Yusheng welcomed her to stay in her village to make up for his actions. (COMIC: The White Dragon)

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