You may be looking for Friar Tuck.

Tuck was the human partner of Death's Head II. She was captured by Hob when he plugged in Death's Head II into the Death's Head Interactive Archive, but was freed when he woke up and defeated Hob with the help of the original Death's Head and the Seventh Doctor. (COMIC: The Incomplete Death's Head)

Behind the scenes[]

  • Outside of the DWU, Tuck first appeared in the comic Death's Head II #3. The fact that her name resembles Friar Tuck is not a coincidence. There are parallel between her origins in a futuristic world resembling medieval Europe and Robin Hood's England. In particular, in Tuck's introduction story, the new Death's Head, under the alias of "Hood", was a leader of a group of outlaws calling themselves "Merry Men". Further, during Tuck's first encounter with Death's Head, she was travelling with nuns.

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