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True Stories was the fifteenth Big Finish Bernice Summerfield short story anthology. It was released exactly 7 years after the previous Bernice Summerfield anthology, Present Danger. It was released on the same day as Ruler of the Universe, a Bernice Summerfield audio box set which had connections to True Stories.

True Stories featured stories by several newcomers to Big Finish Productions, a couple of whom had already established themselves in other corners of Doctor Who-related fiction.

Publisher's summary[]

Bernice Summerfield: True Stories features six stories about everyone's favourite archaeologist, with unusual digs, daring missions and more, all set in the Unbound Universe of the recent audios. The writers are Jon Blum & Rupert Booth, Xanna Eve Chown, Tim Gambrell, Matthew Griffiths, Kate Orman & Q, and Victoria Simpson.

Archaeologist, adventurer, mother, and occasional goddess, Professor Bernice Surprise Summerfield has seen and done more things in this universe than you can possibly imagine. But none of that matters right now. Because, Benny isn’t in this universe any more. Right now, she’s stuck in an alternate universe (through no fault of her own) and this universe has definitely seen better days. In fact, it’s rumoured to be dying. Luckily, the President of the Universe is an old friend, and he’s lent her a spaceship so she can carry on doing what she does best: righting wrongs, making mistakes, saving lives, drinking... These stories won’t tell you how – or if – she makes it home. But they will tell you about some of her adventures in this unbound universe. Some of them are even true…"


Title Author Featuring
Transcription of Court Session: Bliss City Council Records B116/22/Trial
Hue and Cry Kate Orman, Q Gilly
Never The Way Jonathan Blum and Rupert Booth
Fast Contact Matthew Griffiths
Futureproof Victoria Simpson
Stockholm From Home Tim Gambrell
Bliss Xanna Eve Chown
Transcription of Court Session: Bliss City Council Records B116/22/Trial


Audiobook cover.

  • The anthology was also released as an audiobook, read by Lisa Bowerman.

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