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Tropical Beach Sounds and Other Relaxing Seascapes #4 was the thirty-seventh story in the Torchwood audio series by Big Finish Productions.

Publisher's summary[]

You are listening to a self-help tape. You are hearing a soothing voice. You have always wanted to do something with your life, haven't you? Oh, how you've ached to be a better person.

Well now. This is your chance. Go on. Sit back. Close your eyes. Relax. You're going to learn all about Captain Jack Harkness. You're going to learn all about Torchwood.

You're going to change the world.


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  • This story was recorded on 15 January 2020 at the Soundhouse.
  • The announcement of this release was delayed after Palin's Monty Python costar and close friend Terry Jones passed away on 21 January 2020.[1]
  • This story has a highly unusual structure, being entirely presented as a "haunted" self-help tape, with the villain’s plan being slowly revealed through through the medium of in-universe narration. The story’s single actor, Michael Palin, provides such narration, telling the story of an infiltration of Torchwood from the point of view of the infiltrator, whom very little is revealed about in-universe but is supposed to represented by the real world listener, and is being used as a vessel by the voice. Michael Palin also briefly portrays Jack Harkness.
  • After Torchwood_cascade_CDRIP.tor, this is the second story in the Big Finish Torchwood series in which the listener is supposed to represent a character in the story itself. However, in this case, it is told from an in-universe perspective, but the previous case had been a metafictional entirety directly corrupting the story itself, and stepping out of it to address the "real world" listener. As such, nothing about the identity of whichever character is intended to be represented by the listener is revealed in either story, to avoid potential distraction to anyone who may not fit into any stated demographic or description.
  • This is a rare example of a Doctor Who story told in the second person.
  • Similar to the Companion Chronicles, this story is told through in-character narration.
  • Michael Palin admitted to having never watched Torchwood before, but noted that he looked into the show for research purposes after agreeing to do this script. Palin stated that he found it a fascinating stand-alone science fiction tale, and enjoyed playing such a unique role, stating that he "likes to be challenged". He also enjoys performing in audio the medium in general, and found the story’s sense of black comedy to be of a style that appealed much to him.[2]
  • This is a rare example of a complete one-hander in the DWU.
  • The theme music is worked into the story itself.
  • After The Death of Captain Jack, this is the second Torchwood monthly to feature the entire team.


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