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In Dauntless Prison, Meron spies took DNA from the alien prisoners there. This was used to create Trojan, a gigantic behemoth created by mixing together the DNA of every single alien and monster ever encountered by the Department. It was the prototype of a supersoldier for use in the Korven army. (TV: The Eclipse of the Korven)

Biology[edit | edit source]

Thorne described Trojan as being composed of DNA from "Jixen, Meron, Anubian, you name it."

Trojan had dark green skin with two small pure black eyes. It also had black spots across its body and two horns on is head. It had metal attachments on its face, arms and legs. As it had Jixen DNA, it was able to reflect and enhance photon beams. Trojan was also equipped with a cloaking device, and had terrible-smelling breath. (TV: The Eclipse of the Korven)

Biography[edit | edit source]

Thorne tricked K9 into giving him his regeneration unit, which he was then inserted to Trojan. Thorne activated the regeneration unit in Trojan to summon K9 to the Millennium Dome, he revealed to K9 that an invasion was coming through the STM. Thorne introduced K9 to Trojan as a weapon for the Department for use in their preemptive strike against the invaders. K9 correctly assumed it had been implanted with the Regeneration unit, he asked for it back but Thorne said his small contribution to the weapon would save the planet. K9 confronted Trojan and demanded that it gave back his regeneration unit, it merely exhaled its foul breath. K9 fired at Trojan but its shield knocked him back as it had Jixen's ability to reflect and enhance photon beams. With K9 wired up to a pod, the Department's gateway in the Dome and the STM were connected, allowing the Korven vanguard to arrive led by Lomax when Gryffen engaged the temporal stabiliser to save the world. When Gryffen arrived at the code a shouted out the STM termination code, sucking the vanguard into the STM and destroying them. Thorne ordered Trojan to kill him, Starkey, Jorjie and K9. Trojan decloaked and threw K9 away, K9 tried to fire but his visual sensors were incapacitated. K9 switched to olfactory sensors searching the Trojan's breath and fired again, with its defences growing weaker, however K9's power lowered to 5%. Thorne ordered Trojan to finish K9 as he tried to fire but failed. K9 then shrieked the battle shriek of the Jixen, calling the Jixen to do battle against the Meron. Trojan became a creature at war with itself as its Jixen and Meron DNA fought each other. With its final breath, it collapsed on Throne, apparently crushing him to death. The regeneration unit inside Trojan later homed back to the dying K9, as per its programming, allowing him to restored himself. (TV: The Eclipse of the Korven)

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