A space ship belonged to two Tritovore traders before crashing on San Helios.

History Edit

The Tritovores Sorvin and Praygat used this ship in their trading missions, in particular with San Helios. After returning to San Helios to trade once more, the ship found the planet a barren dessert and encountered the Stingray swarm. At least two Stingrays flew into the vent system like birds flying into the engines of an airplane. This caused the ship to lose power and crash to the surface of San Helios, splitting the ship in two. Both Sorvin and Praygat survived, but remained unaware of what had caused the crash. Unknown to them, the Stingrays also survived within the ship and were rendered dormant by the cold temperatures.

In 2009, the Stingrays opened a wormhole to Earth through which the 200 bus came through. The Tritovores observed the bus and its occupants through the ship's systems and suspected that the passengers were responsible for their plight. The Tritovores captured the Tenth Doctor and Lady Christina de Sousa who quickly convinced them that they were innocent. After repairing the ship's power systems, the Doctor launched a probe that enabled them to analyze the storm and the Stingrays. The Doctor realised that while the ship itself was "a write off," the anti-gravity clamps surrounding its crystal nucleus could be used to get the 200 back through the wormhole. Christina was able to retrieve the clamps, but her body heat awoke the dormant Stingrays. Christina managed to kill one with the ship's security grid, but the other devoured Sorvin and Praygat before they could abandon ship for the 200. (TV: Planet of the Dead)

Following the death of its crew, the wrecked ship was abandoned on the surface of San Helios. It was either consumed by the Stingrays or left abandoned on the planet's surface.

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