The Tritovores were a species of fly-headed humanoids.

Biology Edit

Tritovores were green-skinned humanoids with insectoid heads resembling those of flies. Their heads had two large compound eyes, and several complex parts making up a mouth. Tritovores communicated by clicking these mouth parts to produce sound. They had simple, three-digit hands, and fed on the faeces of other species. (TV: Planet of the Dead)

Technology Edit

The Tritovores had fairly large starships used for trade which were powered using a crystal nucleus, kept floating with four anti-gravity clamps. Ventilation shafts connected the various parts of the ship, which were kept shut with a series of forcefields. The ship was also made of photavine steel, allowing the ships to become cooler when heating up on the outside.

Other technology included a ship-based communication system and a telepathic translator, allowing them to understand other languages. They were also armed with energy weapons. (TV: Planet of the Dead)

History Edit

In Easter 2009, a Tritovore ship came to San Helios, planning to trade with the inhabitants. They found that the whole planet had been cleansed of life by Stingrays. During their descent, the Stingrays jammed the ship's ventilation system and caused the ship to lose velocity and crash. The only known survivors were Sorvin and Praygat.

When the 200 arrived on San Helios, the Tritovores believed that the bus was a weapon of some kind, possibly the reason why they crashed. They brought the Tenth Doctor and Christina de Souza to their ship, but the Doctor was able to convince them that were only there by accident. The Doctor planned to use the anti-gravity clamps from the Tritovore ship to move the 200, but when Christina was attempting to get it, her body heat woke up the Stingray trapped in the ship. It then ate Sorvin and Praygat. (TV: Planet of the Dead)

At least one Tritovore was abducted and sent to face their fear in the Minotaur's prison ship. (TV: The God Complex)

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