Trish Webber was the mother of Chloe Webber. The widow of a violent husband, she raised her daughter on her own.

After the death of Chloe's father in a car crash, Trish refused to talk to Chloe about it. Rose Tyler speculated that was why Chloe felt so lonely and suffered from nightmares about her father. In July 2012, Chloe was possessed by an Isolus, trying to find its pod. Trish knew that something unusual was happening in Chloe's drawings, but refused to acknowledge they were moving as she only ever saw it out of the corner of her eye. The Tenth Doctor knew that Trish couldn't tell anyone because they wouldn't believe her, and offered to communicate with the Isolus. When the Isolus pod was found and gained power, the Isolus left Chloe, but its left over ionic energy brought a drawing of Chloe's father to life. Trish and Chloe sang to calm Chloe down and get rid of the image. (TV: Fear Her)

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