The Tregannan (PROSE: Project: Valhalla) were a psychic species from the Spulion system. They were three feet tall and resembled goblins. They had lifespans of hundreds of thousands of years. Their abilities included telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, and the ability to project images of themselves. They did have any hypnotic abilities[statement unclear].

Millions of years ago, the Tregannan developed technology based on psychoactive minerals found in their sector of space which controlled their psychic powers. They used this technology to become spacefaring conquerors.

Circa 16,000 BC, two Tregannan, Sancreda and Scryfan, made a survey of Earth, in what would become known as Cornwall. The mission went wrong and Sancreda ended up abandoned and marooned on the planet for millennia. (AUDIO: The Spectre of Lanyon Moor)

The Forge used Tregannan propulsion technology in their Merlin helicopters. (PROSE: Project: Valhalla)

Behind the scenes Edit


Sancreda as depicted in Lee Sullivan's preview for The Spectre of Lanyon Moor in DWM 292.

  • The preview illustration of The Spectre of Lanyon Moor featured an image of Sancreda.
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