The Treaty of Versailles was a peace treaty which helped end World War I.

In 1903, Grigori Rasputin received visions of the future from an alien information gathering device. One of the things he learned of was the Treaty of Versailles. (AUDIO: The Wanderer)

The treaty was signed at the palace of Versailles in 1919, with George Limb being one of those in attendance. (PROSE: Illegal Alien) Under the treaty, Germany lost all her colonies, much of her European territories, and accepted responsibility for the war. (PROSE: Just War) They were also made to pay war reparations that the Allies intentionally set too high for Germany to pay off in order to cripple them economically and prevent recovery. By 1932, many Germans were still highly discontent with these conditions. Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party fed on this discontent to win the 1932 elections. (AUDIOThe Alchemists)

Prior to World War II, Hitler defied the Versailles Treaty by reoccupying the Rhineland. Winston Churchill thus grew fearful of Hitler's plans for Czechoslovakia, Poland and, in time, all of Europe. (PROSE: Players)

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