Trear Station was the base of Vortia Trear and her Hope Foundation, repurposed from the Game Station structure combined with several starliners and a couple of freight ships in the wake of the Dalek invasion of Earth in 200,100. With the Hope Foundation for Trear's own agenda, Trear Station served as the collection point for people who were promised a better life off Earth. In reality, they were to be exploited for whatever purposes served the rich elite in the space beyond. In 200,101, Jack Harkness and Silo Crook, both suspicious of the Hope Foundation, made their way aboard Trear Station where they discovered its true nature. In the ensuing revolt, Trear was deposed and the station was left falling to Earth, forcing Jack to land it safely. Once on Earth, Jack saw that an abundance of resources was salvaged from the grounded station and was confident that humanity would ultimately rebuild itself. (AUDIO: The Year After I Died)

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