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Trave was a Time Lord who was part of the Celestial Intervention Agency and the war against Omega.

She was tasked with killing Ace and Narvin. After the timelines were changed, she was tasked with guarding the border between Monan Host and Gallifreyan space. She was shot by Gaal after he was found out to be a traitor and regenerated into a male form. He then discovered Ace's dead body floating about in space. (AUDIO: Enemy Lines)

Trave later regenerated into another male incarnation and at some point, became a general. He was a member of a War Council and gave Romana the information about the War Council facilities. He was sent as an inspectorate to the Phaidon ship but didn't want the Phaidons to settle. He informed Valerian about the Battle TARDISes they were making and was annoyed when Livia allowed Romana to find out about the resurrection plan. (AUDIO: Celestial Intervention)

He had the Phaidons expelled from the planet and had the N-Forms resurrected. He ultimately proved himself to be loyal to the High Council and manipulated events to get Valerian into power, by showing the High Council footage at Project Revenant. He found Romana's communications with the Dalek Emperor to help discredit him. (AUDIO: Desperate Measures)

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