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A Time-Space Visualiser was a device that allowed the operator to view any event in history. The First Doctor and his companions used it to observe Queen Elizabeth I and Francis Bacon meeting with William Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln delivering his Gettysburg Address and the Beatles performing "Ticket to Ride". The Visualiser later showed them the Daleks launching their time machine on a mission to exterminate them, which let them buy some time. Much later in the Doctor's life, Izzy Sinclair used it to play video games on — games which involved avatars of the Doctor's past lives.

Tons o' tech
Look at all the fun tech! in just 4 minutes of Doctor Who

We like tracking our technology round these parts. Only problem is that the show is about a time travelling scientist. And he's spawned shows like Torchwood that are entirely focussed on alien tech. So there's a lot of tech sittin' around the joint. Be bold, though, and start your journey at category:technology.

Don't let the Second Doctor's bitchin' fool ya: he likes computers just fine. Maybe that's why one of our bigger tech categories is called precisely that: category:computers.

Sure, we all know about psychic paper. But do you know what a psychic credit card does? Well, do ya, punk?

When looking for a piece of technology on this wiki, it's helpful to think about some of the broader categories. Looking for the tech of a certain species? Go to technology by species.

Which sonic is right for you?

The DWU likes its sonic tech, doesn't it? But it's not just the sonic screwdriver you have to keep an ear out for. Don't forget, the Ice Warriors and several other species are heavily invested in sonic technology, which you can find at category:sonic devices.

One of the broadest classifications of technology is communications technology. Since the series is about a guy who likes to talk a lot, we figure that only makes sense!

Believe it or not, a lot the technology used in Doctor Who is perfectly ordinary stuff that we all know about in. Maybe that's why we call it technology from the real world

Pull the trigger

Want to know specifically about those pointy-shooty things? That's easy too with category:weapons. (And a little help from Captain Jack, obviously!)

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