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The Edifice was a massive building filled with luxury suites. From the outside, the Edifice was spherical with rows and rows of rooms, each surrounded by scaffolding. It orbited a mauve star. It was surrounded by an atmosphere sleeve to keep in the air. The Edifice also had a translator which converted names to more pronounceable forms and a self-repair system. Inside, the building seemed to be filled with hallways which stretched out into infinity.

The interior was spatially warped, increasing the space inside. The elevators were also spatial warped, allowing them to reach any floor or room. Each room had a bedroom with a walk-in-closest, a dining room and a kitchen with food replicator. The window showed a holocination from the inhabitant's past, with more than one person creating a mixed view. The advertisement was done with viral transmissions, which produced holograms of sharply dressed men. These transmissions were transmitted across the universe and were a form of advanced spam.

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Locations come in all shapes and sizes. But we've made it exceedingly easy to figure out how to start looking up locations. Just go to category:locations, and start working your way down.

What's a nice American state like you doing in a British joint like this?
Why yes, there have been stories set in New Mexico.

Wanna see whether there have been DWU stories set in your neck of the woods? A good place to start might be our categories about regional governments. Take a stroll through:

(And yes, we know there are more places than this in the world, but it's a start!)

Where have you been, Doctor?

Sometimes, you want to look at places in terms of whether a specific incarnation of the Doctor has visited there. We've tried to make that easy by offering up a whole branch of categories under locations visited by the Doctor. Want to discover the planets visited by the Third Doctor because you thought he was exiled to Earth and never went anywhere? Or maybe you're interested in what cities the Tenth Doctor went to.

Other planets, other places
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While on the Dalek homeworld, don't miss the fabulously scenic ... Lake of Mutations!

Sure, the Doctor spends a heck of a lot of his time exploring Earth. But quite a lot is known about the geography of other worlds, too. Check out category:locations by planet to visit places like Skaro's Ocean of Ooze, or the great Martian cities or places to see on New Earth.

Go where almost nobody knows your name

Being a British franchise, Doctor Who has more than its fair share of places to get a drink. Step past the swinging saloon doors at bars and pubs.

Look out below!
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Although the Doctor spends an awful lot of time on the ground, it should come as no surprise that he's walked a few space station corridors in his time. Here's the list we're working on now...

Time is a location

Doctor Who being a show about time travel, it should perhaps come as no surprise that there are such things as temporal locations, too.

The Streets of San Francisco?
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You've heard of trainspotters? Well, we're street spotters around here. Seriously, we love our city infrastructure, but especially streets. Yes, we tend to care most about English streets, but believe it or not, we know quite a lot about how to get around streets in Buenos Aires, thanks to Torchwood: Miracle Day. (So that's one good thing about that series.)

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