Transit was the tenth novel in the Virgin New Adventures series. It was written by Ben Aaronovitch and featured the Seventh Doctor. It was the first novel to feature Bernice Summerfield as a companion following her introduction in the previous novel.

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"Oh no, not again..."

It's the ultimate in mass transit systems, a network of interstitial tunnels that bind the planets of the solar system together. Earth to Pluto in forty minutes with a supersave non-premium off-peak travelcard.

But something is living in the network, chewing its way to the very heart of the system and leaving a trail of death and mutation behind it.

Once again a reluctant Doctor is dragged into human history. Back down amongst the joyboys, freesurfers, chessfans, politicians and floozies, where friends are more dangerous than enemies and one man's human being is another's psychotic killing machine.

Once again the Doctor is all that stands between humanity and its own mistakes.

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  • Kadiatu's great grandmother of the same name wrote The Zen Military.
  • There is an opera based on the Doctor.

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  • Earth's official First Contact with aliens is embodied in the Arcturan Treaty of 2085.

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  • This novel is often noted for its multiple use of expletives; the word "fuck" is used fourteen times in this novel.
  • A prelude to this novel appeared in DWM 195.
  • The novel is based on an idea that Ben Aaronovitch submitted to the Doctor Who production team for Season 25.[1]

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