Tranquil Repose was a funeral business located on the planet Necros, renowned for their funeral arrangements for the galaxy's elite. The business was created so that, after death, a person's funeral would be held and then they would be placed into suspended animation until a point in time when the cure for their death was created and they could be returned to life. Those placed into suspended animation were called the Resting Ones.

The establishment had a parlour for funeral services, after which the person would be moved to the catacombs underneath Tranquil Repose, where their body would be put into suspended animation. Outside the building was the Garden of Fond Memories, where statues of the Resting Ones were erected in their memory.

The head of Tranquil Repose was Jobel, assisted by Tasambeker who was a third year student of his. The security of the place was headed by Takis and Lilt who guarded the few thousand stiffs from body snatchers.

The resting consciousnesses of the bodies would be updated with any cultural or technological news of the person's choice, so that when they came back to life, they wouldn't feel that the universe had left them behind. Because it sounded so sterile, for a small extra cost, a person's consciousness would be talked to by the DJ, who played 50s and 60s (Earth-time) music and would give messages from still living loved ones.

Tranquil Repose had been chosen to host the funeral of President Vargos's late wife. At that time, however, Tranquil Repose was taken over and used as a base by Davros who was going under the alias of "the Great Healer". Davros used the bodies for his experimentation with the Dalek race. The bodies of people of status and ambition were mutated and conditioned into his new generation of Daleks. The other bodies stored at Tranquil Repose were turned into a highly concentrated protein that Davros gave to Kara, whose factories on Necros produced the product and sold it to developing planets, eliminating famine throughout the galaxy. The Renegade Daleks arrived to take Davros to Skaro for trial. Tranquil Repose was destroyed when Orcini detonated a bomb intended to kill Davros. (TV: Revelation of the Daleks)

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