Trail of the White Worm was the fifth story in the first series of the Fourth Doctor Adventures, produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by Alan Barnes and featured Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor and Louise Jameson as Leela.

It offered an explanation as to why the Master looked different between the version played by Peter Pratt and the one played by Geoffrey Beevers, revealing that the Master managed to partially reverse his deformity after absorbing some energy from the Eye of Harmony, transitioning him from a more skeletal appearance to a slightly rejuvenated appearance in comparison.

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The legend dates back to Roman times, at least: a great White Worm, as wide as a man, slithers out of the rocks of the Dark Peak Gap to take animals, sometimes even children, for its food.

When the Doctor and Leela arrive in the wilds of Derbyshire, only to get caught up in the hunt for a missing girl, they soon discover that the legend of the Worm is very much alive — even now, in 1979.

Worse still, it seems that the Doctor isn't the only renegade Time Lord on the trail of this deadly and mysterious Worm...

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  • The Doctor was once imprisoned in the Tower of London on the Duke of Exeter's daughter.
  • After finding the TARDIS, Carswell claims that he has not seen a police box since going to Derbyshire in 1952.
  • According to the Doctor, Time Lords are not descended from primates.
  • Leela uses the Doctor's scarf to swing over an electric fence.
  • After discovering the corpse of a fellwalker (which only has one shoe, suggesting that the body was moved), the Doctor determines that it was not killed by any Earth creature.
  • Although Carswell believed that it was his niece Julie Ledger had been killed by the Great White Worm, she was planning to hitchhike to London as she wanted to hang out with punk rockers such as Sid Vicious and Siouxsie and the Banshee in Carnaby Street. Demesne Furze kidnapped her, put her in the boot of her car and returned her to Dark Peak.
  • Colonel Spindleton has the mounted heads of a tiger named Terry and a gorilla named Gerald, both of which he killed personally.
  • According to legend, a knight named Sir Edgar killed the Great White Worm by cutting it "in twain" during the Middle Ages. In Old English, "wyrm" does not mean "worm" but "dragon".
  • The caves under Lambton Manor were used as a place of worship by Romans during the occupation of Britain.
  • Demesne Furze is able to smell the Time Vortex off the Doctor. She transforms herself into the Great White Worm.
  • The Doctor gives Leela a message to "UNIT, Doctor, TARDIS, Master, Zygons, Krynoids, Axons too" in the hope of attracting the attention of his good friend Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart.

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  • This is the first Big Finish audio drama to feature the Master since the audio story Master in October 2003.
  • This is the first Fourth Doctor story in performed Doctor Who to feature the Master since the television story Logopolis in 1981.
  • The Master stays true to form and initially adopts an alias. In this case, it is "Mwalimu," which is Swahili for "teacher" or "master."
  • This story leads directly into the audio story The Oseidon Adventure, forming as a single narrative.
  • This audio drama was recorded on 18 August 2011.
  • This story is set between The Talons of Weng-Chiang and Horror of Fang Rock.

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