Tragedy Day was the twenty-fourth New Adventures novel. It was written by Gareth Roberts, who had previously written the New Adventures novel The Highest Science and would write another New Adventure novel and four more Missing Adventure novels. This novel featured the Seventh Doctor, Bernice Summerfield and Ace.

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Tomorrow, Tragedy Day. Tomorrow, total control.

In Empire City on the planet Olleril, it's time for the annual Tragedy Day — when the privileged few celebrate their generosity to the masses.

But this year, something is different. Hideous creatures infest the waters around an island that doesn't officially exist. Assassins arrive to carry out a killing that may endanger the entire universe. A being known as the Supreme One tests horrific weapons. And a secret order of monks observes the growing chaos.

Five minutes after they arrive on Olleril, the TARDIS crew know they want to leave. But Ace is imprisoned in a sinister refugee camp, and Bernice and the Doctor are in the custody of a brutal police gang. There is no way out.

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  • The Doctor has experience at delivering babies.

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  • The First Doctor and Susan make an appearance in the prologue of the novel. There, he cures the radiation poisoning that was blighting the inhabitants and their crops. He also takes a red glass with him, as they believed it caused disaster ever since it arrived.
  • The Doctor claims that he delivered Genghis Khan.
  • The Doctor claims that he has never met Henry VIII, but that he did meet Mary, Queen of Scots.

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  • The Doctor defeated Luminus on Argos.
  • Automatic carriers were used in a border conflict on Eferun.
  • Pangloss is a galaxy ruled by the Friars of Pangloss.
  • Meredith once killed fifty-nine people in two hours on Phlanji.
  • Quique and Rexel were visible from Olleril.
  • The Celebroid Doctor suggests going to Zeraticus 2 for a holiday.

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  • A psychotronic generator generates waves of psychic energy.
  • The hull of Morgan's ship is made of jauxite.
  • Celebroids are robot duplicates.
  • The Doctor constructs a Triton T80 to sabotage Crispin's plans.
  • Morgan once took an assignment on Kallak 56.
  • Slaags are genetically engineered creatures created from sline lizards and aaglon sharks.

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  • Forgwyn was born on the Ganymede.
  • The Gargantuan was a submarine used by Luminus as its base.

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