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Trading Futures was the fifty-fifth novel in the BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures series. It was written by Lance Parkin, released 8 April 2002 and featured the Eighth Doctor, Fitz Kreiner and Anji Kapoor.

Publisher's summary[]

"Welcome to the future."

The early decades of the twenty-first century. All the wars have been won. There are no rogue states. The secret services of the world keep the planet electronically monitored, safe from all threat. There is no one left for the United States and the Eurozone to fight. Except each other.

A mysterious time traveller offers a better future — he has a time machine, and with it, humanity could reach the next stage of evolution, they could share its secrets and become the new Lords of Time...

...either that, or someone could keep the technology for themselves, and use it to fight the ultimate war.


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The Doctor[]

  • The Doctor uses the Bocca Scale to measure time disturbances.

Fitz Kreiner[]

  • Fitz uses a RealWar robot in what he thinks is an arcade game.

Anji Kapoor[]

  • Anji thinks about "current" technology in relation to Hitchemus's.


Time Lords[]

Other species[]

  • The Onihr are among many alien races seeking time travel in the post-Gallifrey universe, and have discovered some Time Lord relics (including the high-collared robes) in their quest.


  • Baskerville is the richest man in the world. He possesses his own personal stealth Concorde.



  • Stylistically (right down to the cover), Trading Futures is a little bit like a James Bond movie, with the Doctor blowing up spy boats, car chases and international travel, bombs in interesting places... plus some genuine (non-coffee machine) time travel (and space alien rhinos).
  • The date isn't given but Anji Kapoor, born in 1973 and taken from 2001, thinks that the pensioners she meets could have gone to school with her, and that a young actress in her twenties would have been in nappies when Anji left her time. This would roughly be around the 2030s.
  • The "dancing flame women" on the cover is a reuse of the fire image from the novel The Adventuress of Henrietta Street; the silhouette of the Doctor can be seen in one of the women.


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