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Toy Story was a short story published in the 2004 Mad Norwegian Press printing of Dead Romance.


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  • Lolita and the Ship are "only half-Ship, on Mother's side."


  • The story was first published in the 1999 charity anthology Perfect Timing 2. Minimal changes were made for the reprinting: namely, the removal of a few instances of the words "Gallifreyan" and "TARDIS".
  • When the story was first published, it was the first appearance of Lolita, who went on to play a major role in the Faction Paradox audios. It also heavily foreshadowed elements of Compassion's plotline in the BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures, particularly the events of the 2000 novel The Shadows of Avalon.
  • This story takes place between the "Foreman's World" sections of Interference - Book One and Interference - Book Two, while the Doctor is away from the TARDIS and Fitz and Compassion are asleep. Lolita notes that the Doctor is off somewhere on the planet "going through the motions".
    • As the character of the Doctor is thus firmly, lawfully identified in in-universe terms through the context owned by Lawrence Miles, even though he cannot be referred to by name, this constitutes one of the few cases of the Doctor being personally, directly referenced in a Faction Paradox story, as well as one of the only appearances by his Ship in person.
  • Ship has a name, though she does not reveal what that name is.


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