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Tourism was the travel to another area for leisure. An individual that did this was known as a tourist.

After the a war with the Foamasi, the Argolins were in theory pacifists, devoted to the recreational needs of others. The planet's economy revolved solely around the status of the Leisure Hive as a tourist attraction. (TV: The Leisure Hive)

The natives of the Kurgon system hoped the Galactic Wonders Commission would declare the Kurgon Wonder one of the Wonders of the Universe, which would increase tourism and boost their economy. (AUDIO: The Sirens of Time)

Iceworld was a tourist attraction in the far future. (TV: Dragonfire)

By the late 22nd century, the Paris crater and the New York waterways were tourist attractions. (PROSE: Fear Itself)

At some point in humanity's future, the tourist board renamed a number of galaxies. These included the Sculptor Dwarf galaxy, which became Galaxy Seven. (PROSE: The Eyeless)

Between 2007 and 2009, Donna Noble went to Egypt for two weeks in a failed attempt to bring excitement to her life after her encounter with the Tenth Doctor. Her disappointment with the country led her to abandon this idea, describing Egypt as "tourism, guidebooks, don't drink the water, and back home." (TV: Partners in Crime)

A newsreader in 2006 reported on the progress of the Dauntless, Sir Donald Wakefield's foray into space tourism. (AUDIO: Buried Secrets, Snow Blind, Fatal Consequences, Dreamland)

When the planet Florana became a tourist attraction, the lives of the native Teuthida were disrupted by the disturbance and noise caused by the increasing number of visitors. (COMIC: Creatures from the Deep)

Tourism, after mining, was the biggest industry on Megerra. (PROSE: Shakedown)