Totika was a Seminole medicine woman.

Biography Edit

She was originally from the Southern United States, but was driven westward to the Indian Territory by 1832 on the Trail of Tears when the Indian Removal Act was signed. In the winter of that year her infant child Hachi died in the cold.

In 1880, she made a pact with the Stikini chief Malatche to use her psychic abilities to permanently tether them to Earth and make them gain physical form. She did this by banishing her own people, including her husband Holata, to the Red Skies in the Dreamspace, by leading them to a totem and swapping their bodies with that of the Stikini. She believed the Stikini would devour the Anglos in their cities as justice for all the pain inflicted on her life, but they were just using her to escape the Red Skies.

As an act of justice against the the acts of outlaws Seth and Frank Shelton, Totika had the Stikini rip out their hearts. She agreed to spare Zeke Tolbert if Bill Potts would tell the truth about her travels to other worlds. Totika successfully performed a ceremony to swap Bill Potts with Malatche's wife, the War-Queen Cocheta, but Bill, along with the trapped Seminole, were able to will themselves out of the Red Skies, forcing the Stikini back to where they came from. Bass Reeves and Joey Two Trees also destroyed the totem she used in her ceremonies. After they were returned to the Red Skies, something burnt all the Stikini to death. (COMIC: The Parliament of Fear)

In 1882, Totika was visited again by Reeves to bring her a few supplies. She wondered why he wanted to visit her, and he explained that he understood her feelings of anger and wanted to give her a second chance. However, their conversation was interrupted by the appearance of General Kenossium in a TARDIS, looking to recruit her and Reeves on the Doctor's orders. Kenossium later brought the two of them to 2018 London, as part of the Doctor's plan to defeat the Clockwise Men.

While Kenossium and Reeves stormed Alexander Truscott's house, Totika stayed outside, with Reeves' mission being to protect her. Totika later joined the Doctor's group in entering the Dreamspace to find Fey Truscott-Sade. When inside, it was revealed that Fey was the one that sent the Stikini to her in the first place, under the subconscious reasoning that Fey had also lost a child in the form of the Absence. It was this revelation that led Fey to realise that the Absence was never real, saving the day in the process. With her and Reeves' work done, Kenossium promised to return them to their own time. (COMIC: The Clockwise War)

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