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Toronto was a Canadian city located beside Lake Ontario. (PROSE: Christmas in Toronto) Anji Kapoor thought that Toronto was "a bit like New York City designed by the Swiss". (PROSE: Trading Futures) It contained many skyscrapers, made of steel and glass. (PROSE: Rose and the Snow Window)

The Ninth Doctor supported the Toronto Maple Leafs. (PROSE: Rose and the Snow Window)

History Edit

In 2006, standpipes and water rationing were used in Toronto, as water shortages were common due to environmental damage. (PROSE: Iceberg)

In 2009, a map showing the location of Toronto appeared on a screen at UNIT HQ in Geneva. (TV: The End of Time)

Iris Wildthyme and Panda visited Toronto in 2010. (PROSE: Panda on Ice)

In the early 21st century, Baskerville predicted that a nuclear device would accidentally detonate in Toronto, destroying the city, but the Eighth Doctor prevented this. (PROSE: Trading Futures)

In 2040, the Seventh Doctor helped stop a terrorist group from blowing up Pickering power station in Toronto. (PROSE: The Nuclear Option)

During the mid to late 21st century, Toronto was a primary hub of the T-Mat network. (TV: The Seeds of Death)

The colony world Toronto was presumably named after the city. (PROSE: Ten Little Aliens)

Other realities Edit

On Germania V, the British Royal Family fled to Canada after the Nazis invaded the United Kingdom. In the 1950s, Queen Margaret ruled the British Empire from a sandstone palace in Toronto's Queen's Park. (PROSE: Warlords of Utopia)

Behind the scenes Edit

Doctor Who creator Sydney Newman was born in Toronto. He later died there.

Standby art director Katie MacGregor and actor Brian Law were also born here.

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