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The main source of Torchwood short stories was the official magazine of the television series by the Titan Publishing Group and the first of the Torchwood Yearbooks published in 2008.

Torchwood Magazine[]

Torchwood Magazine featured its own licensed Torchwood spin-off series of prose. The stories were aimed at an age group similar to the television series and were adult in nature. All of the stories were illustrated.

Issue(s) Title Author Illustrator Reprinted in
YB 2008 Black Water Steven Savile N/A
YB 2008 Mrs Acres David Llewellyn N/A
YB 2008 The Beauty of Our Weapons Andy Lane N/A
YB 2008 Plant Life Trevor Baxendale N/A
YB 2008 Monster Joseph Lidster N/A
8-10 Harm's Way Trevor Baxendale Mike Dowling
11-13 The Book of Jahi David Llewellyn Mike Dowling YB 2009
14 Who by Fire Andy Lane Adrian Salmon YB 2009
14-15 Gordian Steven Savile Mike Dowling
16 The Man Who Dreamed of Stars Brian Minchin Ben Willsher TTOC 2, Archives Vol. 1
16-17 Closing Time Andy Lane Mike Dowling
17 The Last Voyage of Osiris James Goss Adrian Salmon
18 Stakes on a Plane James Moran Ben Willsher TTOC 3-4
18 I May Be Some Time David Llewellyn Mike Dowling
19 They Keep Killing Andy Trevor Baxendale Ben Willsher Archives Vol. 1
19 Flotsam and Jetsam Kate Orman Mike Dowling
20 Happy New Year Sarah Pinborough Adrian Salmon
20 Photo Finish Mark Morris Mike Dowling TTOC 5-6
21 Postcards from the Rift Guy Adams Ben Willsher
21 Reflections Juliet E McKenna Mike Dowling Archives Vol. 2
22 The Package James Goss Ben Willsher Archives Vol. 2
22 Ashes to Ashes Sandra Shennan Adrian Salmon
22 Rift-Raff Lynn Johnston Adrian Salmon
22 Lockdown Lisa Moran Adrian Salmon
22 Rare Earth Kate Orman Mike Dowling
23 Mend Me Sarah Pinborough Adrian Salmon
23 Everything's True Guy Adams Ben Willsher
23 The Secret of Crow Island David Llewellyn Mike Dowling
24 Red-Handed Kate Orman Ben Willsher
24 Cultural Firsts Richard Stokes Mike Dowling Archives Vol. 1
24 The Mind's Eye James Goss Adrian Salmon
25 Unplugged James Moran Adrian Salmon
25 Requiem Trevor Baxendale Ben Willsher
25 We All Go Through Steve Tribe & James Goss Mike Dowling