Torchwood comic stories appeared in Torchwood Magazine and online, as well as their own comic series published by Titan Publishing Group.

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Torchwood comic stories Edit

Torchwood Magazine Edit

Issues Title Author Collected In
1 The Legacy of Torchwood One! Simon Furman Torchwood Archives Vol. 1
3 Jetsam Brian Williamson Rift War
4-13 Rift War! Simon Furman and Ian Edginton
14 Captain Jack and the Selkie John and Carole E. Barrowman Torchwood Archives Vol. 1
15-19 Broken Gary Russell and Nick Abadzis Torchwood Archives Vol. 2
20 Fated to Pretend Brian Minchin Torchwood Archives Vol. 1
21-22 Shrouded Gareth David-Lloyd
23 Somebody Else's Problem: A Gwen Cooper Story Christopher Cooper
24 Hell House Roger Gibson Torchwood Archives Vol. 2
25 Overture: A Captain Jack Adventure Gary Russell

Online comics Edit

Title Author Collected In
The Return of the Vostok Brian Minchin Torchwood Archives Vol. 1
Ma and Par Oli Smith Torchwood Archives Vol. 2

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