The Tourist Information Centre on Mermaid Quay, part of the Cardiff Bay district of Cardiff, disguised a secret entrance to the Torchwood Hub. It was managed by Ianto Jones.

It wasn't particularly salubrious, so as not to encourage a stream of visitors looking for directions or asking for opening times. It contained leaflets for local attractions, such as Tredegar House. It also had flyers for events, such as the Redflight Barcud at the Millennium Centre. (PROSE: Another Life) Near the concealed door to the Hub was a tatty poster of Max Boyce. (PROSE: The House That Jack Built)

The Information Centre was once visited by a crew from BBC Wales, who wouldn't take no for an answer when looking for an interview. On this occasion, Ianto found his arcane local knowledge proved particularly useful.

The office was once flooded by several gallons of water which blew in from the Bay during particularly adverse weather conditions. Ianto had to place sandbags outside the doors. (PROSE: Another Life)

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