Torchwood India was a branch of the Torchwood Institute set up when the Raj took over India by 1887. It was closed down in 1924 by Jack Harkness after he realised that the Raj was coming to an end.

History Edit

Torchwood India was founded by Queen Victoria to find alien technology in the British Raj. (AUDIO: Golden Age) It was active by 1887, when its representatives, John Kipling and his assistant Mr. Abdul, were introduced to the Queen by a Field Marshal on her Golden jubilee. (AUDIO: The Death of Captain Jack)

It was run by Eleanor, Duchess of Melrose, and maintained a cover as a gentlemen's club, the Royal Connaught Club. It was closed down by Jack Harkness in 1924, when Torchwood realised the Raj was coming to an end, and all their alien equipment was taken to Britain.

In 2009 Torchwood Three traced alien energy field to the site of Torchwood India. They discovered Eleanor and the other Torchwood India agents were using a time store to prevent time passing in the Royal Connaught Club. The store was powered by taking the potential futures of people, killing them. Torchwood Three prevented the Duchess's plan to turn the whole planet back to 1924, resulting in the time store overloading. The club members refused to leave the building and therefore it was frozen in time. (AUDIO: Golden Age)

In 2017, Gwen Cooper described every branch of Torchwood as being inactive. (AUDIO: More Than This)

Items Edit

Torchwood India was known to have obtain a Yeti control sphere, a time store (AUDIO: Golden Age) and a force field large enough to surround an entire village. (PROSE: Risk Assessment)

Administrators and staff Edit

Members of Torchwood India included Eleanor, Duchess of Melrose (leader), George Gissing (strategist), Mr Das (butler) and Mahajan (support staff).

Behind the scenes Edit

  • In Golden Age and Risk Assessment, Torchwood India is only ever referred to as Torchwood India. It is unknown if it has a numerical designation, which would logically be five or greater. As Jack was responsible for closing down Torchwood India, it would not fit the "missing" description of Torchwood Four.
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