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Torchwood Declassified was a documentary series produced by the BBC to run in conjunction with episodes of the spin-off series Torchwood. It was similar in format to Doctor Who's Doctor Who Confidential.


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Each episode profiled whatever episode of Torchwood was broadcast that week, with instalments produced for each episode of the first two series.

The first series was broadcast on BBC Three, however its premiere transmissions were notoriously erratic, airing several hours after the Torchwood episode they were attached to, in the early hours of the morning between 1:10am-4:00am.

For the second series it moved, along with its parent series, to BBC Two with a more standard timeslot of either 7:50pm or 9:50pm. The episodes were also available online for a time.

Unlike Doctor Who Confidential, which featured episodes of near equal length to those of the parent series, Declassified episodes were only ten minutes long. They were released with minimal (if any) editing on the full-season DVD sets.

A single thirty-one-minute instalment of Torchwood Declassified was produced for the DVD release of Children of Earth, the abbreviated third season. Two instalments were produced for the Miracle Day DVD/Blu-ray release.