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The Torchwood Archive was a department of the Torchwood Institute tasked with storing and cataloguing alien artefacts, originally operating at the Torchwood House and millennia later on a space station at the very edge of human space. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)


Torchwood Three had an Archive, where they kept alien technology, as did Torchwood London. At the Torchwood Hub, the Archive consisted of large brick-lined chambers containing crates and shelves of anonymous boxes; it was Ianto Jones' domain. It stored items from 1885 onwards. A section of the Archive was also devoted to records left behind by deceased Torchwood members, including photos, videos, an ancient daguerreotype and an old wax cylinder. The emotional amplifiers were stored in the Archive. (PROSE: Slow Decay) Ianto also kept Lisa Hallett in a chamber in the Archive, originally set aside for the remnants of Operation Goldenrod. He didn't like Tosh looking around unsupervised. (PROSE: Slow Decay, TV: Cyberwoman)

Zachary Cross Flane

Zachary Cross Flane. (TV: The Satan Pit)

The Archive still existed in the 43rd century. Captain Zachary Cross Flane represented it in the Walker Expedition, as he acknowleged whilst addressing the Beast. (TV: The Satan Pit)

Jayne Kadett told the Tenth Doctor that an interplanetary info-thief stole files from the Torchwood Archive and used them to build his own army of Cybermen, which he planned on selling as hi-tech soldiers to the highest bidder. However, the Cybermen turned on him, converted him into a Cyberdrone and a Cyber-Leader took charge as the Cybermen invaded Centuria. (COMIC: The Power of the Cybermen, Time of the Cybermen)

Jeremiah Bash Henderson visited the Torchwood Archive with Object 1, wanting to know more about its history and how he and Norton Folgate could use it to restore the Committee. He gave a fake Object 1 to the Data Core, which opened the locket and triggered an explosion that destroyed the Archive. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)

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