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Torchwood: Original Television Soundtrack

Torchwood: Original Television Soundtrack is a soundtrack album covering the music from the first and second series of Torchwood.

Track listing[]

No. Track Track time Story
1 "Everything Changes" 1:22 Everything Changes
2 "The Chase" 3:26 Ghost Machine, Sleeper
3 "Ghosts" 1:58 To the Last Man
4 "Sleepers, Awake!" 1:12 Sleeper
5 "Toshiko & Tommy" 3:05 To the Last Man
6 "Into the Hub" 2:05 Everything Changes
7 "The Mission" 2:32 Meat, Fragments
8 "Gray's Theme" 2:41 Adam, Exit Wounds
9 "Jack's Love Theme" 1:50 Captain Jack Harkness
10 "Another Day, Another Death" 2:45 Cyberwoman
11 "Look Right, Then Leave" 2:48 Cyberwoman
12 "Welcome to Planet Earth" 1:51 Meat
13 "The Plot" 3:21
14 "Out of Time" 1:27 Out of Time
15 "The Death of Dr. Owen Harper" 2:11 Reset, Dead Man Walking
16 "King of the Weevils" 4:09 Dead Man Walking
17 "Owen Fights Death" 1:50 Dead Man Walking
18 "The Woman on the Roof" 2:22 A Day in the Death
19 "Owen's Theme" 3:10 Dead Man Walking, A Day in the Death, Fragments, Exit Wounds
20 "Pearl & the Ghostmaker" 2:24 From Out of the Rain
21 "Flat Holm Island" 2:08 Adrift
22 "A Boy Called Jonah" 4:53 Adrift
23 "Toshiko Sato - Betrayal and Redemption" 3:46 Fragments
24 "Gwen & Rhys" 1:14 Something Borrowed
25 "Jack Joins Torchwood" 1:34 Fragments
26 "Captain Jack's Theme" 3:16 Countrycide, Fragments
27 "I Believe in Him" 1:31 End of Days
28 "Memories of Gray" 2:29 Adam, Exit Wounds
29 "Goodbyes" 2:20 Exit Wounds
30 "Death of Toshiko" 2:19 Exit Wounds
31 "The End Is Where We Start From" 2:24 Exit Wounds
32 "Torchwood Theme" 1:46

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