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Torchwood: The Story Continues was the name applied by Big Finish Productions to the audio series which continued the Torchwood stories following Miracle Day.


Aliens Among Us[]

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# Title Author Featuring Released
5.1 Changes Everything James Goss Jack, Gwen/Ng, Rhys, St John Colchester, Tyler, Orr, Ro-Jedda, the Sorvix 10 August 2017
5.2 Aliens & Sex & Chips & Gravy
5.3 Orr Juno Dawson
5.4 Superiority Complex AK Benedict
5.5 Love Rat Christopher Cooper Jack, Gwen/Ng, Rhys, Andy, St John Colchester, Tyler, Orr, Ro-Jedda, the Sorvix, Bilis Manger 19 October 2017
5.6 A Kill to a View Mac Rogers
5.7 Zero Hour Jay Harley
5.8 The Empty Hand Tim Foley
5.9 Poker Face Jack, Gwen/Ng, Yvonne Hartman, Rhys, Andy, St John Colchester, Tyler, Orr, Ro-Jedda, the Sorvix 6 February 2018
5.10 Tagged Joseph Lidster
5.11 Escape Room Helen Goldwyn
5.12 Herald of the Dawn James Goss

God Among Us[]

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# Title Author Featuring Released
6.1 Future Pain James Goss Jack, Tyler, Yvonne, Orr, Colin, Mr Colchester, Ro-Jedda, Ng, Andy, Gwen, Rhys, God 23 October 2018
6.2 The Man Who Destroyed Torchwood Guy Adams Tyler, Jack, Yvonne, Orr, Ng, Mr Colchester, God
6.3 See No Evil John Dorney Jack, Yvonne, Andy, Colin, Orr, Ng, Mr Colchester, God
6.4 Night Watch Tim Foley Orr, Jack, Yvonne, Colin, Mr Colchester, Tyler, Ng, God, Andy, Norton
6.5 Flight 405 Lou Morgan Yvonne, Andy, Norton 20 February 2019
6.6 Hostile Environment Ash Darby Tyler, Mr Colchester, Ng, God
6.7 Another Man's Shoes Tim Foley Yvonne, Andy, Norton, Tyler, Jack, Ng, Colin, the Committee
6.8 Eye of the Storm David Llewellyn Jack, Mr Colchester, Norton, Ng, Yvonne, Tyler, God, the Committee
6.9 A Mother's Son Alexandria Riley Yvonne, Jack, Tyler, Colin, God, Andy 19 June 2019
6.10 ScrapeJane Robin Bell Mr Colchester, Ng, Tyler, Orr, Colin, Jeff, Niamh
6.11 Day Zero Tim Foley Yvonne, Jack, Tyler, Orr, Mr Colchester, Ng, Colin, Andy, God
6.12 Thoughts and Prayers James Goss

Cardiff Unknown[]

A in-world podcast released by Big Finish to promote God Among Us.

# Title Author Featuring Released
1 Cardiff Unknown - October 2018 Jeff, Niamh 1 October 2018

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