Tor was a Xeron rebel who fought the Moroks in the Space Museum.

When he, Sita and Dako encountered the First Doctor, Sita hit him. Believing the Doctor to be unconscious, Tor and Sita went off to find something to bring him around. They later found Vicki Pallister and took her to safety. Tor sent Dako to find Barbara Wright. As Tor explained his people's history to Vicki, she encouraged them in their rebellion, offering to help them. They made their way to the armoury, taking several weapons, and Tor sent Sita to help Vicki find her friends.

Later, Tor and Dako stormed Lobos' office, just in time to prevent his killing the Doctor and his companions. After the rebellion was over, Tor directed the removal of the museum's exhibits. (TV: The Space Museum)

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