Top Trumps is the official brand name of a popular Trumps card game currently made by Winning Moves. Six packs have been made featuring characters from Doctor Who. Two Trumps game packs made by other companies have also been released.

Top Trumps sets Edit

New Series Edit

Each of the New Series packs are thirty card sets with the five stats: Height, Intelligence, Monster Rating, Darkness, and Courage.

From pack six, the five stats have changed to: Strength, Brains, Terror, Secrets, and Bravery.

There has also been a Top Trumps Adventures video game made for various platforms and several Top Trumps Books releases about Doctor Who.

Classic Doctor Who Edit

  • Doctor Who: 45 Years of Time Travel from 2008 was a collector's edition which focused on the original show. It was a thirty card pack in a TARDIS shaped box with the six stats: Adventures, Global Threat, Brains, Style, Strength, and Fear Factor. A Davros Super Top Trump card was also included which was available with tickets to the Earls Court Doctor Who exhibition.

Other Trumps sets Edit

Two Trumps games precede Winning Moves' Top Trump packs.

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