I've got my toothbrush

The Fourth Doctor holds his toothbrush. (TV: The Seeds of Doom)

A toothbrush was a device used for cleaning teeth. The Minyans invented the toothbrush after they rose up against the Time Lords. (TV: Underworld)

The Second Doctor told Jamie McCrimmon that it was a big step forward when humans invented the toothbrush. He confessed he shared a cell with William Addis (the accredited inventor of the toothbrush on Earth). (PROSE: The Time Eater)

The Fourth Doctor told Richard Dunbar that he was leaving immediately for Antarctica, telling him he might as well and that he had his toothbrush. (TV: The Seeds of Doom)

Evelyn Smythe brought her toothbrush with her on her initial trip in the TARDIS. (AUDIO: The Marian Conspiracy)

When pretending to be Time Lords, Charley said that the Eighth Doctor's punishment for changing time was to clean out TARDIS with a toothbrush. (AUDIO: Living Legend)

The Tenth Doctor lent Martha Jones his toothbrush when she complained as to lacking one. It contained Venusian spearmint within the bristles. (TV: The Shakespeare Code)

Amelia Pond packed a toothbrush in her suitcase when the Eleventh Doctor invited her to travel with him. (TV: The Eleventh Hour)

When ReThinx changed history with the Continuity Cap, sonic screwdrivers became sonic toothbrushes. (COMIC: The Continuity Cap)

The Eleventh Doctor accidentally picked up an electric toothbrush instead of his sonic screwdriver when he rushed to help Craig Owens. (TV: The Lodger)

The Eleventh Doctor later took possession of Albert Einstein's toothbrush. The Daleks exterminated it. (TV: Death is the only Answer)

One incarnation of the Doctor wore a toothbrush in his breast pocket. (COMIC: Party Animals)

Birdie asked Darius Pike if he could use his toothbrush, but Darius pointed out that, being a robot, Birdie didn't have any teeth. (TV: Mutant Copper)