PC Tony Pratt was a young and inexperienced Cardiff police officer. He had known Gwen Cooper when she was on the force. When an alien computer began influencing the residents of Cardiff, his partner Clive Bevan was among the victims. Frightened by the growing chaos in the city, Tony found Gwen, Jack Harkness and Owen Harper while driving and asked them for help. They gave him the cover story that a radiation leak was affecting the people and had him drive them to the source of the trouble. Along the way they were pursued by John Davies, but the car was damaged during their escape. Tony and Gwen were then pursued by Greg Randall (whom they knocked unconscious), Vic Royce and Tommy Kincannon (who knocked Tony unconscious). Gwen was forced to fight Tommy and Vic to save Tony until the rest of Torchwood Three shut down the computer influencing them. (AUDIO: Everyone Says Hello)
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