Tony Mack was the father of Ambrose Northover, the father-in-law of Mo Northover and the grandfather of Elliot Northover.

Dr Nasreen Chaudhry and Tony were drilling in Cwmtaff, aiming to dig further than anyone ever had before. After the Eleventh Doctor arrived in 2020, it became apparent something was wrong. It was soon discovered the Silurians were digging up to the surface. As they were preparing for an attack, Tony kissed Nasreen, expressing a previously unstated affection. He saved his daughter from an attack from a Silurian named Alaya, but was injured himself by a poison dart from the Silurian's tongue, which left him with a web of green veins on his shoulder. (TV: The Hungry Earth)

Tony later discovered that Ambrose had accidentally killed Alaya. He was present when Alaya's sister, Restac, contacted the group to exchange hostages. Before they went down, Tony was convinced by Ambrose to set the drill to reactivate soon after to destroy the Silurian civilisation. When the group came to the city, Tony brought forth Alaya's body. Restac, distraught, ordered her soldiers to kill them all. With the help of the Doctor and Eldane, a Silurian elder, the group barricaded themselves in the laboratory, where Eldane said that Alaya's poison was causing Tony to mutate; his only hope for a cure was their decontamination equipment. With Restac's warriors surrounding them, Eldane activated a fumigation system and re-entered hibernation. Tony elected to join the Silurians in hibernation, having his condition cured during that time. Joined by Nasreen, he bid his family a fond farewell. (TV: Cold Blood)

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