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Rupert Anthony "Tony" Clare was a resident of 107 Baker Street.


Early life[]

Rupert Anthony Clare met Ron Winters while they were both working for UNIT under Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart in the 1970s. At one point they became caught in a time loop caused by an escaped Ogron activating a broken time machine, meeting the Eighth Doctor and Andy Davidson in several iterations of the same event. Eventually the Doctor resolved the loop by fixing the machine and Andy advised Ron to ask Tony out as he left. (AUDIO: UNIT Dating)

Life on Baker Street[]

By 2020, Tony and Ron lived in a flat at 107 Baker Street and often argued with Aisha and Zakia Akhtar before things eventually settled down, although tensions rose again for a time due to the Pandora Bolt. (AUDIO: Lost Property)

The couple had Mr Bird fix their washing machine and the Eighth Doctor fix their television, in which he found evidence of extraterrestrial surveillance. Without a television, Ron made Tony dance with him, saying it could be helpful as physiotherapy. (AUDIO: Must-See TV)

Ron and Tony heard Liv and Helen celebrating the Doctor winning You Either Know It or You Don't and said that he deserved it given the circumstances, the details of which they could not yet tell the Doctor, Liv and Helen. They both went to Wakefield's with the rest of the house and left in a taxi after Bourakai and Teeja attacked. (AUDIO: Divine Intervention) Tony and Ron returned to 107 Baker Street and wondered if they should reveal their pasts and what the Brigadier would have made of this. (AUDIO: Dead Time)

After the Doctor and Andy travelled back in time to the 1970s, Tony began to struggle with his memories. Ron sought Helen and Liv’s help and they deduced the cause. (AUDIO: UNIT Dating)


In one possible future, Tony died in 2030. Ron scattered his ashes at a beach in Norfolk. (AUDIO: Snow)


Ron had to make sure that they had milk, as Tony would be very annoyed if he did not have any to add to his morning coffee. (AUDIO: Lost Property) He enjoyed drinking red wine (AUDIO: Divine Intervention) and watching Antiques Roadshow and disliked dancing, with Ron forcing him to watch Strictly Come Dancing. (AUDIO: Must-See TV) He loved the snow, which he always said could make anything beautiful, at least in part because it brought everything to a standstill and allowed him to remain in bed. (AUDIO: Snow)