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Tondi Dayon (COMIC: Mistress of Chaos) was a girl from Gatan who lost her mother, Parnia, in the City of Radiant Stone. The Thirteenth Doctor, Ryan, Yaz and Graham promised to help find her mum.

Taking a shine to Yaz, the two worked together to help find Parnia after they were separated by the war caused by the battle between Tumat and Kraytos. Although this meant that Yaz had to split up from her friends and work on her own, she took control, running through the destroyed city and narrowly avoiding a group of drunks, where Yaz learned that Tondi's Aunt Vela lived nearby, and the two attempted to find her for help. After Yaz fended off some threatening people in the backstreets of the city, they discovered Vela on one side of a destroyed bridge, where she revealed that Parnia had died in unknown circumstances.

After the Doctor successfully stopped the warriors' fighting, Tondi joined the Doctor's group in being teleported on-board The Eye Above, the base of The Freedom Thoughtcasting Network that was capitalising on the fighting. Being plugged into the system, the trillions of paying viewers heard and felt Tondi's pain at her loss, and she used this to convince them to stop using the Network. Back on Gatan, and safe with Vela, she bade a tearful farewell to Yaz before she went on her way. (COMIC: The Warmonger)

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