A Tomorrow Window was a device invented by Astrabel Zar and Charlton Mackerel that allowed an individual to see their future. It worked by assessing the probability of an individual performing an event and had a reputation for being very accurate. (PROSE: The Tomorrow Windows)

The Eighth Doctor looked into a Tomorrow Window and asked to see his future. In his personal future he saw: A dark chamber, lit by a red lighted digital countdown clock; a concrete world of motorways; a man with powdery skin, whose body was covered in implants and callipers, revolved in a wheelchair; a flower drifting through space with its petals unfurling towards an auburn sun; a ruined city, with many buildings on fire and a Dalek saucer hovering overhead, with Daleks below scanning the ruins; an artist scraping oil onto a canvas; Time Lords standing in the Panopticon on Gallifrey; a 50 yard tall robot spider advancing upon a medieval castle; a Nimon emerging from a sphere; and a planet exploding in a silent flash.

He also saw possible ninth incarnations of the Doctor, including a "listless-looking" man on a sofa beside a girl in a red dress in a medieval dungeon; an aristocrat with a high forehead and sunken eyes sucking on an asthma inhaler; a man in a cream suit with long hair swept back, a bent nose, and chin held high walking through Regent's Park; an elderly, kindly-faced Doctor wearing an astrakhan hat pottering in a junkyard; a Doctor with ginger hair and an Afghan coat; a stocky man in a crushed velvet suit and eye-liner; a scruffy student with unkempt, curly hair and an apologetic, lopsided smile; and a stranger alone on a sand dune, hair in a ponytail, cloak flapping in the wind. All possible future Doctors then faded in and out of existence until finally settling on the true Ninth Doctor, a wiry man a gaunt, hawklike face, piercing, pale grey-blue eyes and a thin, prominent nose.

Fitz looked into a Tomorrow Window and saw himself in many years time, alone and bald. After refusing to accept this future, the picture changed, showing Fitz in an evening jacket, with an olive-skinned young woman standing next to him in an wedding dress. (PROSE: The Tomorrow Windows)

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