Tommy Corrigan was a twelve-year-old boy from the late 19th century who worked at the Crystal Palace in London ever since he left school.

When Jenny Flint asked Tommy if he'd seen anything "odd" at the Crystal Palace, he mentioned that Lady Cornelia Basildon-Stone, the woman behind the Brazilian Rainforest exhibition there, spent a lot of money replacing the glass on the Palace roof. After Jenny offered Tommy a pound, he showed Jenny and Strax a way into the Palace via a disused service tunnel. After Basildon-Stone's servant Ajeeth mutated the London police on patrol at the Palace into human-wasp hybrids to serve as Lady Basildon-Stone's drones, Tommy, Strax, Jenny rushed to try and find a way out. When Jenny realised that the gas in the Palace's pipes was what caused the mutations, Tommy pointed Jenny and Strax to the point of origin of the pipes: the boiler room. The "boiler" had in fact been a genetic splicer hidden behind holographic camouflage. Strax blew up the genetic splicer with a grenade, reversing the effects of the mutations in the policemen and in Lady Basildon-Stone; Lady Basildon-Stone's plans to forge a "new British Empire" with her drones and offspring had failed, and she fell to her death while in flight. (COMIC: The Crystal Throne)

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